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90% Arab maritime transport corporations managed by foreign companies.

Captain Dr. Abd ElAmir ElFarag, Kuwaiti industry and trade chamber arbitrator has announced, during his participation in first professional international arbitration conference, which was held during past three days entitled” Arab arbitration: present and future” and which was organized by International academy for arbitration, that maritime arbitration in Arab world witnesses a real crisis because of negligence to find solutions for challenges and obstacles that constitute great danger, especially that 90% of maritime transport corporations in Arab world are managed by foreign companies and hence 90% of maritime cases and disputes e referred to foreign arbitration centers: claiming the necessity of establishing Arab arbitration centers  under the umbrella of  international accreditation concerned with maritime disputes, on condition that it states the mechanism and clear scientific materials coping with Arab legislations to compete foreign centers


 He also pointed out to information revolution invasion to international arbitration fields, noting that 80% of the cases are in London and which legally resolve cases of countries presented before IMO and depends on electronic documents without holding dispute resolve sessions ; asking  to have simulation  with such technological advance and to be implemented  in Arab arbitration centers.  



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