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Transport minister: 90% of Egypt trade transported by sea.

  Dr. Hesham Arafat, transport minister said that maritime transport is considered the vein of international economy and that 90% of Egypt trade is transported by sea, assuring that maritime transport plays a main role in Egypt trade.

  He noted that celebrating international maritime day this year aims at improving cooperation between ports’ authorities and maritime shipping and establishing firm partnership between the two sectors and setting criteria for safety, security ports’ efficiency and coastal state authorities, in addition to standardizing ports’ procedures  through setting better instructions; clarifying that maritime transport is considered the vein of international economy and main pillar of different world countries economic development, noting that maritime transport plays the main fundamental role  in international Egypt trade, where 90% of Egypt trade is transported through Egyptian ports which is considered main ring in multi-national transport chain.  

 Arafat assured that the ministry gives great concern to development of different transport sectors; especially maritime transport, saying that Egyptian maritime ports play a great role in national economy growth; noting that a future strategy for maritime transport has been set coping with Egypt permanent development plan 2030, which aims at raising efficiency of maritime system with all its elements and reinforcing participation of such vital sector in national output.

 Arafat has also mentioned that the ministry works for comprehensive development of infra-structure of Egyptian ports to enter within the range of added value ports to become logistic ports and come out of the zone of traditional ports’ track; to become hub ports attracting navigational lines.  

  The minister has also pointed out that one of the priorities of transport ministry is developing and glorifying volume of maritime fleet to rise percentage of foreign trade transport on   Egyptian vessels in parallel with undergoing of required amendments to ruling legislations of maritime transport industry to overcome obstacles and raise efficiency of human factor which is considered main pillar for the system’s success.