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SC Economic authority: commencement of establishing “dry bulk “terminal at Adabeyia port by the end of 2017

  Admiral/ Mahfouz Taha, deputy head of Suez Canal Economic authority – southern region, said that the region by the end of current year will work for the establishment of a dry bulk terminal with capacity 5.5 million ton at Adabeyia port.


 Taha also added in his word, during first estate investment conference organized by Al-Ahram corporation under the auspices of prime minister Sherif Ismail and in the attendance of ministers’ of housing, investment and international cooperation, that the region support construction and building sector and concentrates on it being one of the pillars of national economy and its role in providing many job opportunities amounting to 3 million work opportunity  and here comes the role of the region creating comprehensive urbanization communities  and supporting this sector through decreasing lay time of shipments in ports and also by facilitating  transport processes and storage of  materials used in industry of such requirements such as clinker and coal.


 He pointed out that the region consists of 3 ports: Sukhna, Adabeyia and ElTour, also there is the industrial region with an area reaching 210km2 and is far from the port by a distance of 5 to 7 km only, adding a great advantage to the region and this site is linked with the ports, main roads at Egypt and new administrative capital by an excellent road network and railways link the region with the Suez Canal. Yet it is not suitable for work up till now and can be reformed according to market studies; will become a hub region for industry and building and construction sector requirements.  

  At the end of his word, Taha invited investors and estate developers to invest in the southern region which currently witnesses a leap by signing a contract with Dubai ports for the development of 95 km2 of the region’s area, in addition to a number of mega projects and other successful stories existing in the region by ElDorado company, Suez for industrial development co., Suez gulf development co. and Gucci for fiber glass industry.