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Mameesh: stevedoring of 40.1 million cargo ton at New Suez Canal.

 Vice admiral/ Mohab Mameesh, head of Suez Canal authority and of Canal Economic region said in statements to Elyoum7 newspaper that the canal navigational channel has received during August 2017  from the south “New Suez Canal” 40.1 million cargo ton: stevedored in different zones.  

 Official reports issued from the Suez Canal authority have revealed that the stevedoring zones at the canal from the south during august 2017 have witnessed passage of 40 Million ton. 138 thousand cargo ton , where Red Sea region has witnessed stevedoring of 9 million, 787 thousand ton from south direction whereas East Africa region witnessed stevedoring of one million, 89 thousand ton, Arab gulf region 8 million, 532thousand ton, south Asia 4million, 633 thousand ton, southeast Asia 10million,845 thousand ton. Also Far East witnessed stevedoring of 5million, 77 thousand ton and Australia region 84thousand during august 2017.

 Repots have also pointed out that 5million, 973thousand ton have been loaded  at east and southeast the Mediterranean, 5million, 208 thousand ton  at north Mediterranean region and 4million, 253 thousand ton at West and southwest the Mediterranean.  

 Moreover, 9million, 184thousand ton have been loaded at Black sea region, 7million,233 thousand ton at northwest Europe, 4million, 794thousand ton to America and 2million, 589 thousand ton towards other regions during last August.