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Mameesh: biggest container vessel in the world crosses the Canal amongst North convoy

Vice admiral / Mohab Mameesh head of Suez Canal authority and of Canal Region general authority  has announced  navigation traffic has witnessed passage of biggest container vessel in the world  OOCL HONG KONG flying the vessel of Hong Kong with 221thousand ton  heading north convoy and coming from England  towards Singapore, whereas biggest vessel from the south was of 170thpousand ton MADISON ORCA; the giant Liberian oil tanker and which unload the tonnage through Sumid pipe line  and restore its tonnage from Sidi Kerer.

  Mameesh has pointed out in a statement today that increase in number and tonnages of vessels forecasts welfare to national economy: as Suez Canal is the main source for currency and it works on reinforcing such revenues by following  flexible marketing policies  that targets  continuing attracting new navigational lines.  

  Mameesh has also assured that the Canal ranks a score  day after another  proving that it goes on  benefitting from recover of international trade traffic  and coping with vessel industry developments ;  by the appearance of giant vessels with big drafts benefitting from accomplishment of navigational channel developments; first of which comes the project of  new Suez canal  

  Navigational traffic at the Canal has recorded a new score in number and tonnages of crossing vessels by the passage of 58 vessel with total tonnage 3.850 million ton and number of crossing vessels from north convoy is 30vessel with total tonnage 1.9 million ton. Whereas number of crossing vessels from new navigational channel south convoy is 28 vessel with total tonnage 2 million ton