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“A plan for developing maritime system and human factor most important challenge” most important aspects in Egypt’s celebration of International Maritime Day

  Egypt celebrated International Maritime Day at Arab academy for science technology and maritime transport” AAST” last Thursday in the attendance of  transport minister Hesham Arafat, transport minister, Mohab Mameesh, head of Suez Canal authority and officials of maritime transport and navy forces.

  The minister during his word in the conference said that the ministry set a plan for developing and modernizing maritime transport system as a whole, based on developing the human factor through training, where such factor has become a matter of live or death for Egypt.  

  He added that Egypt is working with all its capacity to achieve what it deserves of suitable status in International maritime organization IMO elections and that logistic performance is the most important challenge that maritime transport system in Egypt witnesses and what attracts investors to the state.


  He also pointed out that Alex port has ranked a high quality standard amongst ports yet, it is a must to raise development level, continuing talking about maritime safety and requesting the system development:  being central focus of the whole world on Egypt.

   From his side, admiral Tarek Ghanim, head of maritime transport sector  said that the world has been dependent on transporting commodities, fuel and catering stuff through the sea with a percentage of 90%  of total international trade, being least in cost and effectiveness on the environment. 

  He added that the conference rises the slogan” Ports, vessels and Humans”  where the maritime transport depends on these three factors, pointing out that human factor is most important of which being responsible for managing and operating the other two and here comes the role of education and training. Moreover, now and after flourish of international economy , which is shown clearly in Suez Canal revenues recently; where it is expected that by the year 2020 maritime transport sector in Egypt  will become a more vital sector  and will achieve a great leap  in development worldwide. 


  Recently, ongoing is the upgrading of current ports through linking them electronically, raising efficiency of infra-structure   and expanding in bringing laborers from abroad to get acquainted with the most recent, developments and raising human factor qualifications. 

 Worth noting that International Maritime day is the official day that United nations  holds annually  aiming to concentrate on  the importance of  maritime transport  and maritime activities and shedding light on the great participation of IMO and states members and their efforts to improve  shipping safety: its security and efficiency and protecting the maritime environment.   


  Ghanim declared that the state gives great importance to developing transport industry and study of establishing new ports, upgrading of infra-structure and raising maritime factor efficiency.