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Head of AAST: Egypt hosts first international maritime conference next April

  Executive council of African maritime management organization has announced choosing Egypt as the hosting country for its fourth meeting in April 2018 and choosing the academy as permanent supervisor.

  Dr. Ismail Abd ElGhaffar, head of Arab academy for science and technology and maritime transport ”AAST” said that many of the African countries maritime officials have provided full support  in the field of  education, maritime transport and transport in general.  

 He added that maritime authorities in Africa have established a league and executive council aiming at increasing cooperation between maritime authorities and coordinating and providing technical support between countries especially for those in need.

   Abd ElGhaffar also added that the choice of the academy gives an opportunity for the countries to visit it and follow up its activities and capabilities, declaring that its role is represented in unity concept, coordinating visions, demolishing disputes and setting a comprehensive view and following up what goes on in the meetings and making recommendations for the benefit of Egypt and African countries.  

  Dr. Ismail Abd ElGhaffar, head of AAST has announced that hosting such meeting comes within the framework of agreed cooperation between the academy and Africa continent countries amongst which Nigeria, pointing out to the attendance of 25 participant representing 10 African countries.  

 From his side admiral, Khaled Zahran, head of maritime safety authority said that the Maritime safety organization has chosen the authority as a supervising member in the organization and that success of this first international maritime conference in Egypt will have its great impact between different countries.  

 Zahran has also declared that African organization held its third meeting last April in Nigeria and the academy has requested to host the conference and was approved to be held in Egypt in April 2018.

 Worth noting that the academy has hosted before    Executive council of African maritime management organization in its headquarters at Abu Quir and Nigerian transport ministry was responsible to host such meetings since 2015.  

 On the other hand, the council has decided to choose the academy as a permanent supervisor for the organization and as an expert in similar related fields.  

 The participants have also visited maritime safety institute, comprehensive simulator complex, industry service center, maritime transport simulation complex and Ports’ training institute at Alexandria port.