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Mameesh: crossing of 1528 vessels the Suez Canal in August of tonnages 91.5 million ton

Head of Suez Canal, vice admiral Mohab Mameesh said that the Canal has witnessed during August 2017 crossing of 1528 vessels from both directions  of tonnages 91 million, 549 thousand ton compared with August 2016, where 1461vessels from both directions have crossed the Canal with tonnages 87million, 845 thousand ton.    


 A navigational report issued from the authority has revealed that during August 2017 356 oil tanker have crossed of tonnages 14million, 774 thousand ton compared with the year 2016 for the same month, where 356 oil tanker of tonnage 14 million, 826 thousand ton, 52 natural gas vessel have crossed in 2016 of tonnage 5million, 256 thousand tons.


324 bulk cargo container vessel crossed in August 2017 of tonnage  52 million, 761thpousand ton compared with 470 container vessel in 2016  of tonnage 50million, 39 thousand ton. 34 cranes’ carrier  have passed in A8ugust 2017 carrying 75 carriers  in august 2017 of tonnage 4million, 764 thousand ton against 80car carrier in August 2016 of tonnage 4million, 953 thousand ton.

 Also 55 other vessels have crossed in August 2017  of tonnages 504 thousand ton against 43 other vessel in August 2016 of tonnage 262 thousand ton, so that total crossing vessels in August 2017 has reached  1528 vessel  with a daily average   46.3 vessel of tonnage 91million, 549thousand ton of average daily tonnages 2.9million ton against 1462 vessel that crossed the Canal in August 2016 with average daily crossing ofd 47.2 vessels of tonnages 87 million, 845thousand ton of average daily tonnages 2.8 million ton.   


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