Current Nawat at Egyptian ports
  • Mediterranean Sea Next Al Salloum Start 2 March - Duration 2 days ، Rainy
  • Red Sea Next Scorpions (Saad El-Balaa) Start 23 February - Duration 13 day ، Cold

Crossing of 112vessel the Suez Canal of tonnages 7.7 million ton during 48hr

Vice admiral Mohab Mameesh, head of Suez Canal authority and of Suez Canal economic Region stated in Press statements that navigational traffic at Suez Canal has registered during two days crossing of 112vessel of total tonnage 7.7 million ton from both directions.

 A navigational report issued from Suez Canal authority has declared that the navigational channel of the Canal has witnessed  passage of 47 vessel of tonnage 3.4 million ton from both directions; where north convoy has witnessed  crossing of 21 vessel of tonnage 1.6 million ton. Biggest tonnage of which was of Denmark container vessel MAGLEBY MAERSK of tonnage 200 thousand ton coming from United Kingdom and directed to Malaysia

 Moreover, the Canal has witnessed from the south passage of 26 vessels of tonnages 1.8 million ton and biggest tonnage was of the container vessel 200 thousand ton coming from Malaysia and directed towards Spain.

 Reports pointed out that Canal navigational channel has witnessed crossing of 64 vessel of tonnages 4.3million ton and number of passing vessels from north convoy 34 vessel of tonnages 2.4 million ton first of which was giant container vessel ”CSCL ATLANTIC OCEAN”; coming from United Kingdom and directed to Singapore.  

 Number of vessels coming from the south was 31 vessel of tonnage 1.9 million ton at top of which was giant Denmark container vessel MARIBO MAERSK  of 185 thousand ton coming from Netherlands, after which comes the giant French container vessel CMA CGM ZHENG coming from Singapore towards Greece.