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Mameesh: crossing of 65vessels of total tonnages 4.3 million ton

 Vice admiral Mohab Mameesh, head of Suez Canal authority and of Suez Region Economic general authority   has announced in Press statements that navigational traffic at Suez Canal has recorded a score in daily tonnages by the passage of 65 vessels of total tonnages 4.3 million tons from both directions.  

 Mameesh in a statement yesterday talked about the importance of New Suez Canal project in increasing the Canal capacity and raising its classification to be capable of coping with continuous developments in maritime transport industry, and its trend towards giant vessels, of big draught, industry glorifying benefitting from volume economics.

 Whereas the Canal has witnessed crossing of 3 of the most important container vessels in the world of tonnages 150 to 200 thousand ton which weren’t possible to cross before implementing New Suez Canal project which shows insightful vision to increasing international trade traffic.  

 On the other hand, number of crossing vessels from north convoy  reached 34 vessels of tonnages  2.4 million tons headed by the giant vessel” CSCL ATLANTIC  OCEAN” of tonnage  182thousand ton  coming from United Kingdom  and directed to Singapore.  


 Whereas number of vessels coming from the south is 31 of tonnages 1.9 million tons and comes first giant Denmark container vessel “MARIBO MAERSK”   of tonnage 185 thousand ton coming from Malaysia  and directed to Holland, comes after which the giant French container vessel coming from Singapore towards Greece.