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Egypt the investment land” 30milliard dollar Chinese investments

  Dr. Sahar Nasr, investment and international cooperation minister together with a number of Chinese officials and economic sources have assured  that Egypt will receive about  30 milliard dollars  new Chinese investments  during the coming period  amongst which 20milliard dollars  investments in  Administrative Capital and the rest in Suez Canal corridor  and some industrial companies  in different regions  at Egyptian governorates.  

 Chinese investments in Egypt reach about 11.2 milliard dollars.

  Whereas number of founded companies at investment general authority   and free regions of China has reached 1345company, such companies participation in exported Capital with 792 million, 35 thousand dollars.  China comes 21st amongst countries investing in Egypt.  

 From her side, Dr. Sahar Nasr,  investment and international cooperation minister has declared in Press statements  that China is coming powerfully  to invest in Egypt, and that Egypt opens its arms for Chinese and international investments  under  suitable atmosphere  and after what has been accomplished  of  legislative reform of economy structure in president Sisi reign.

 Nasr has added that Sisi visit  is considered  a beginning to entrance of Chinese investment powerfully  expecting  that Egypt  witnesses investments  no less than 30milliard dollars  within several years  as a result of development  in Suez Canal corridor, Administrative Capital, ElHariri road and several industrial zones  and in specialized  industrial  cities.       

 China actually invests in Egypt about 11.2 milliard dollars in addition to new investments reaching 12 milliard dollars in Suez Canal corridor, new Administrative Capital and road and transport projects.

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