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Suez Canal Economic Region authority participates in “China and Arab countries” exhibition

A highly ranked delegation from Suez Canal economic Region authority had arrived to participate in “China and Arab countries” exhibition 2017 held at Yansheran city at Neteshia region in the period from 6-9 September and held on an area of 1000m2  

In this context vice admiral/ Mohab Mameesh, head of authority said that it is considered most important Chinese exhibition that is organized once every two years, where it is considered  an important mean to present economic Region authority investment opportunities  and propagate for established projects in it, besides Chinese investments  are considered an important part of the Regions investment volume.

 Mameesh also added that the Region is seeking increasing Chinese investments   in a number of fields in the Region , in addition to participation in this exhibition will participate  in   delivering the Region’s  message  to investors of participating Arab countries.  

 From his side admiral/ Mahfouz Taha, deputy head of Economic Region authority has pointed out to the importance of this important exhibition where 180m of the area is allocated to Egyptian side for the establishment of an investment propagating forum and organizing bilateral meetings with visitors and Chinese businessmen and presenting films about Region’s investment opportunities.  


Admiral, Mahfouz declared that Egypt participates in such meetings hosted by China to it and a to Prix  countries summit    that include  : Australia, India, Brazil, and South Africa, by about 22% of total international products, and fund stock exceeding 4 trillion dollars where it will be  an important opportunity for  the Region to shed light on  investment opportunities  and the six port affiliated to it; making it available in this gathering that aims at reinforcing cooperation and coordination between member countries  especially on economic level, where Egypt comes most promising economically and such gathering is keen to  support cooperation with. On the other hand, the Region represents one of vital national projects in Egyptian economy its development trailer.  


 He also announced that final negotiations will be accomplished with international Chinese companies working in textile industries field   concerning establishment of giant project in Ain ElSukhna region which provides for many working opportunities.