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Suez Canal ranks a new score in number and tonnages of crossing vessels during 3 days

Vice admiral, Mohab mameesh, head of Suez Canal authority and head of Canal Region Economic general authority  has announced that Suez canal has recorded a new score  in number and tonnage of crossing vessels  during 3 days where 157 vessels from both directions have crossed  : 85 from the north and 72 from the south, whereas total crossing tonnages have reached 10.2 million ton: 5.2 million ton from the north and 5 million from the south.

 The Canal has witnessed the passage of 13 giant vessel during past 3 days of tonnages ranging between 150 thousand ton and 220 thousand ton for the one vessel whereas also 16 vessels have crossed of lesser tonnages ranging from 100 thousand ton and 150thousand ton   

It  third biggest container vessels flying the flag of MOL TRIUMPH islands  and marshal container vessel  comes at the beginning of north convoy  during the three days  with tonnage  218 thousand ton coming from Morocco  and directed to UAE  whereas container vessel ZUBARA  comes from the south convoy  during the same days  with tonnages  200 thousand ton coming from Singapore and directed to united Kingdom.

 Mameesh has assured that such scores reflect Canal capability to cope with continual development in international trade traffic especially after success of New Suez Canal project in in increasing Canal capacity and raising its classification thus participating in increase of number and tonnage of vessels crossing the canal since the beginning of the year.  

 Mameesh has also assured on flexible marketing policies Suez canal follows has played an important role in achieving such increases: where it has directly participated in attracting 6080 vessel were not crossing the Canal before, this during the period as from July 2014 till end of  July 2017 achieving revenue of 1.3 milliard dollar.