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Government vision reviving transport system

  Vice admiral, Mohab Mameesh, head of Suez Canal authority and of Canal development Economic authority together with Dr. Hesham Arafat, transport minister held a Press conference to announce for a number of new decrees aiming at developing transport system in Egypt.


-It is time to overcome our grieve

From his side Dr. Arafat, transport minister   said that it’s time to overcome our grieve for what we have lost to work for developing transport industry  in Egypt and developing maritime transport sector.  


- Announcing one common invoice

 Minister has also added during the conference, where he announced one common invoice at ports in the attendance of Mameesh, that the ministry has set a general plan for maritime ports in cooperation with Suez Canal authority and Suez Canal Development Economic Region.


 -  Retrieve of maritime transport sector.  

Transport minister has assured that a strategy has been set to retrieve maritime transport sector for its great role and also developing Egyptian maritime transport fleet and legislative structure.  



-Attracting vessels to Egyptian ports

 Mameesh also said that his authorities are assigned to attract vessels to Egyptian ports and solving problems confronting maritime transport.


-Granting reductions for vessels

Mameesh has also added that he has met with navigational chambers to debate their claims, assuring that it has been decided to grant reductions for vessels to attract more of them to ports and increasing number of handled containers and transit vessels and encouraging investors to establish activities at Egyptian ports.  


-Decision implementation

  Mameesh hinted that the decision will be implemented as first stage on ports of Suez Canal development Region at East and West Port Said, Sukhna and Tour, pointing out that dues reduction does not mean decrease in service standard.


-Developing transport industry

 Transport minister has also said that the ministry has set together with Suez Canal authority and Economic Region a broaden strategic plan for the development of maritime transport industry; represented in setting a general plan for developing and raising efficiency of maritime ports and developing maritime transport system all over the world leading to the support of Egyptian economy, attracting investments and creating new work opportunities.  


-Raising performance rates at ports

  Arafat has again added that amongst the strategy is also raising performance standards at ports and consequently increasing revenues; through habilitating ports  to receive giant vessels and providing distinguished logistic services and benefitting from competitive privilege of each port, integration between Egyptian ports  to reach for a maritime transport system,  providing international  high quality services, attracting navigational lines and returning Egypt to its pioneering status in maritime transport regionally and internationally.  


-Linking ports with transportation means

  He added that this will be through linking ports with multipurpose transport means as railways, land and river transport; saving energy, fulfilling safety and security and assuring on accomplishment of ongoing maritime transport developing projects and commencement of modern projects, developing ports and infrastructure maintenance and completion of electronic management and developing stevedoring system to raise performance standards and reducing span of vessels stay at ports.  


-50% dues reduction

 Mameesh has also stated that they have taken a decision to reduce vessels’ dues to be attracted to Egyptian ports noting that Suez Canal is ready for the passage of giant vessels and that New Suez Canal helped this, \adding that it has also been decided implementing reductions for vessels reaching 50%, pointing out that vessels carrying less than 200 container will not obtain a reduction.  


-Reductions agenda

 Mameesh has also pointed out that reduction reaching 10% for vessels carrying from 200 to 500 container, 15% for vessels carrying 1000container, reduction of 20% for vessels carrying less than 2000container, 25%for vessels carrying less than 3000container, 45% for vessels carrying less than 3333container and reductions reach 50% for vessels carrying more than 3333container.  


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