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Sahar Nasr and Mameesh debate investment plan of International Dubai ports at Suez Canal.

Dr. Sahar Nasr. Investment and International cooperation minister has met with vice admiral, Mohab Mameesh, head of Suez Canal authority and Canal Economic Region head during their visit to Ismailia.  

 Investment ministry has mentioned in a statement that Mameesh has presented to the minister investment plan of international Dubai ports for developing and increasing its investments in Canal Economic Region. This through establishing comprehensive sites that include all services, entertainment and residential sites; following president Sisi instruction to commence projects’ implementation as soon as possible

 Both sides have discussed arrangements for a joint abroad tour   that includes Vietnam and Singapore during current August to attract investors.

 The minister has assured that new investment law includes a number of incentives and guarantees for investors desiring to invest in Suez Canal Economic Region, pointing out that investment plan will include all investment opportunities in the region to attract many investors to establish a number of projects that provides job opportunities for youth.

  The minister mentioned that developing ports located at Suez Canal region and raising level of its provided services is considered amongst necessary effective steps for encouraging and attracting more investments for such region.  

 Mameesh has also declared that fulfilling comprehensive development requires creating an investment atmosphere with legislative structure that ensures fulfilling state’s interests and for the investor’s sake at the same time. Pointing out here to taking serious procedures in this respect

 Vice admiral, Mohab Mameesh, has expressed his appreciation to the ministry for promoting investment in Canal region within the country’s investment plan framework; assuring on the importance of uniting efforts of different state’s entities  and their cooperation to fulfill required development and changing region’s future to reflect on Egyptian Economy and participates  in providing job opportunities for youth.

 He continued that Sinai development is the ideal mean preserving security and settlement of such precious nation’s land.  Mameesh has also reviewed developments related to developmental projects and available investment opportunities and means of abolishing obstacles infront of investors

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