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Mameesh receives a delegation from Suez Canal bank to review region’s projects.


 Vice admiral/ Mohab Mameesh, head of Suez Canal authority and head of Canal Region Economic general authority has received a highly ranked delegation from Suez Canal bank headed by Hussein ElRefaei, head of board of directors to review developmental projects in the Canal region and searching joint cooperation opportunities in the attendance of a number of the authorities’ officials.

 At the beginning Mameesh saluted attendees and expressed appreciation for bank’s exerted efforts especially during inviting for investment for New Suez Canal project financing. He stressed on importance of Suez Canal bank participation in financing promising developmental projects in Canal region; being a main partner in region’s developmental plan. Pointing out here to necessity of taking serious procedures and exerting more effort to cope with consecutive investment developments in the region and providing for best financing opportunities

   Head of the authority has also stressed on importance of raising Canal classification internationally coping with continuous developments in maritime transport industry especially towards international shipyards; industry of giant vessels’ of big draft and aiming at getting use of huge cargo volume that pass the Canal daily.

 Mameesh saw special clarifying charts at Canal region developmental projects which show in detail plan of different industries in the region and residential cities which are to be provided with all services and facilities to encompass working human factor and creating comprehensive working environment that encourage production. And converting Canal region to an international industrial logistic center extending from East Port Said from the north to Ain ElSukhna region in the south

 From his side engineer, Tamer Hammad, head of technical support unit showed a presentation about most important services and developmental projects at Canal region amongst which projects of fish implantation, ElNasr floating bridge project in Port Said city linking cities of Port Said and Port Fouad.  

 Sayed Abu ElFottouh, head of Economic unit shed light on most important factors and economic variables that effect Suez Canal revenues, as international economy growth rate, international trade traffic growth rate. In addition to maritime transport market indications most important of which vessels’ fuel prices, shipping freight, pointing out that Suez Canal affects and is effected by international economic variables, assuring Suez Canal authority success   during the past period; in revenues increase though the slowness in international trade traffic by following flexible marketing policies capable of attracting new clients to the Canal.  

 Mameesh accompanied the delegation to a visit to region’s development projects; tunnels’ site at Ismailia city and fish implantation then to Port Said city to follow development works at East Port Said port, new berths and ElNasr floating bridge.