Current Nawat at Egyptian ports
  • Red Sea El-Wasm (El-Ghafr) Start 11 November - Duration 13 day ، Autumn
  • Mediterranean Sea El-Moknesa Start 16 November - Duration 4 days ، Very Rainy
  • Mediterranean Sea Next Rest of El-Moknesa Start 22 November - Duration 4 days ، Rainy

Transport minister meets Mameesh to set Egyptian ports general plan.

 Dr. Hesham Arafat, transport minister has received vice admiral, Mohab Mameesh, head of Suez Canal authority and head of Economic Region general authority at transport ministry headquarters  to debate activating cooperation between ministry of transport and both Suez Canal Economic Region general authority and Suez Canal authority.  


 Transport ministry said in a Press statement that both parties have debated procedures related to the Egyptian maritime ports’ general plan which aims at fulfilling integration between all Egyptian ports and coordinating in between.


  Arafat assured keenness of the ministry to develop maritime ports to lead Egyptian economy, especially that the main target now is to fulfill integration between Egyptian maritime ports through glorifying competitiveness privilege of each port pointing out to the importance of preparing Egyptian ports’ strategic plan.


 Both parties have debated integration and cooperation to activate common invoice and fulfilling ways and means of search and rescue and also control over maritime pollution casualties, securing maritime channels, cooperating in developing Arish port and studies exchange in establishing new ports  west the country

  Discussions have also dealt with development in cooperation field concerning river transport dredging works; where both parties have agreed upon necessity of continuous work of navigational channel during dredging works of river navigational channel. The minister has also pointed out that there is great concern to develop and glorify the role of cargo transport through the river Nile to lighten the burdens of roads network.