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Transport ministry: maritime fleet participates with 8% of Egyptian trade volume

Transport ministry said that Egyptian maritime fleet participates with a percentage of 8% only of the Egyptian trade volume; where it transports 11.5 million ton of total 143 million annually.  

 The ministry has mentioned in a report that Egyptian vessels have increased during the last twenty years from 132 vessels in 1995 to 151 in 2016, declaring that 45 vessels only work at global voyages, 69 in local coastal voyages and rest of vessels do not work for different reasons.

  The report has also pointed out that Egyptian ports have achieved revenues reaching 6.240 milliard pounds in 2016, and expected to achieve 10 milliard pounds in 2017. Alexandria port ranks first with milliard, 675million pound, safety authority milliard, 242 million pound and Red Sea ports milliard, 150 million pound.

 And according to the report, Egyptian ports have received 14 thousand, 698 cargo vessels, where Alex port comes first with4.4 thousand vessels, Port Said with 4.2 thousand vessels and Red Sea with 305 thousand vessels. It also declared that Egypt’s imports of wheat have decreased 11% in 2016, where Egypt has imported 9.6million wheat ton compared with 10.8 million ton in 2015, meanwhile sugar exports have increased with a percentage of 17% and coal 300.


 Admiral/ Tarek Ghanim, head of maritime transport sector has also said that trade traffic will witness an improvement in 2017whether in vessels’ traffic or projects.  He again added in Press statements that the ministry has invited for 15 investment projects in ports of Alex, Damietta and Red Sea, amongst which 5 projects at Alex which are: establishing and managing of a multi purpose terminal with berths from 55 to 62 with China, a terminal for container handling on berth 100 at Dekheila, a terminal for clean bulk for grains handling between berths 91,92for petroleum development and fifth project its contract has been signed with “Sisco trans” company: which is unclean bulk terminal on berth 90.

 Ghanim continued that the ministry is working side by side with the state’s strategy, where it is establishing a terminal to receive liquid bulk and its handling and storage in Damietta port to serve natural gas discovering projects at the Mediterranean. Moreover, there has been a study for the establishment of a berth for sugar and grains’ handling, 2 two international logistic centers, whereas at Red Sea ongoing is the study of establishing    a cruise terminal, a terminal for general cargo vessels at Suez and at Safaga a container terminal and a multipurpose terminal.