Current Nawat at Egyptian ports
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MTS Departments
MTS Departments

The Central Administration for Ports and Lighthouses'

Supervising the setting of investment plans and planning budgets for the activity of ports and lighthouses' sector in Arab Republic of Egypt, and collecting data concerning the foreign trade of the country and setting a process for distributing them on different ports according to their capacity and ability. Following-up the shipping, unloading and tugging operations from ports and also following-up the ports' expansion, development and establishment projects in the framework of the country's general plan and contacting organizations and international institutions, which are interested in the maritime activity and following-up the outcomes of agreements and preparing maritime legislations and suggestions to develop them.

The central administration for ports and lighthouses' affairs consists of:

  • Ports' General Administration.
  • Movement General Administration.
  • International Conventions and Agreements Administration.
  • Secretariat Unit.

1- Ports General Administration and followed by:-

Following-up Ports' Projects Administration, which is specialized in the following:

  • Supervising the setting of time schedules to implement the authenticated projects in the plan.
  • Following-up the implementation of projects regarding ports' expansion, development and establishment and the contracts regarding ports' supplies.
  • Preparing following-up models regarding the implementation of investment plan for the ports and lighthouses' sectors, taking into consideration the competent bodies.
  • Surmounting hardships that intercepted establishing and developing ports operations and receiving the authorization demands for the necessary construction materials for these projects and contacting the competent bodies to procure them.
  • Preparing following-up models concerning the investment plan and informing the competent bodies about them.
  • Preparing the annual report to evaluate the performance of the ports and lighthouses sector.

2- Movement General Administration and followed by:

Merchandises Movement Administration, which is specialized in the following:

  • Set the general policy to distribute Egypt's foreign trade on the country's ports according to their needs and capacity, inform the export and import system and the different ports' administration with them periodically and follow-up the implementation of this in order to achieve the best use of the qualifications of the Egyptian ports, to prevent accumulation and determine the priorities of transporting them according to the needs of the country's general policy.
  • Collecting contracts data of different ministries and sectors affiliated to it concerning the incomes and expenditures of the country, scheduling them and following-up the modifications done to it.
  • Preparing the technical specifications such as the different capacity of ports, preparing the vessels specifications and determining their sorts and specifications according to the capacity of the ports and also the shipping and unloading rates and informing the competent bodies in the country with them.

Vessels Movement Administration, which is specialized in the following:

  • Participating in distributing vessels on different ports according to their specifications, divers and its crane abilities and this is according to the available capabilities in different ports.
  • Knowing the problems and obstacles that hinder the implementation of the set plans and programs for the movement in each port and presenting suggestions regarding them.
  • Evaluating the plans that relates to the movement in each port and suggest the modifications and developments needed for them.
  • Reviewing the systems and instructions that relates to the movement and piloting of different vessels, tugging and mooring operations and preparing the necessary legislations for their development.
  • Receiving the daily reports about the timing of the vessels arrival to the different ports and the reports of anchoring, unloading and tugging vessels operations from different ports.
  • Preparing follow-up models regarding the movement in ports and informing the competent bodies of that.