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Petroleum Ports
Petroleum Ports

El Maadiya

Maritime berth of platform manufacturing yard - Petroget (El Maadiya)

Time Zone   GMT +2

Port Description


El Maadyia Zone, behind Abou Quir company for gases.


Port Activity Petroleum, operates internationally and locally.
Port Establishment Resolution Presidential decree 22/1989 in addition to the law of El- Maadiya district 24/1983

Constituents of The Port


Total Area 210 thousand m2
Water Area 97 thousand m2


Navigational Characteristics

Navigational Data

Berth is equipped with fenders with extra rubber frames

Pilotage Data

The port manager undertakes pilotage .

Berth Characteristics

The berths with 500 m length and 6 m depth are iron carnet.

Detailed Information of the 3 Berths

  • South berth of 429m length
  • West berth of 205m length
  • East berth of 80m length

From 6 to 7 m depth and the berths are equipped with fenders for the mooring safety

Services and Facilities of the Port

There are facilities for receiving solid wastes only by the shipping agencies There are wire and wireless means of communication and fax

Safety, security and Environment Protection Measures

The port is equipped with all safety measures especially against fire and accidents

Port Equipment

Fire network and mobile pumps of different types for fire


Administration Petrojet Company- Petrojet Ma’adiya
Address Petrojet Ma’adiya( industrial yard).
Telephone 0105519714- 0127132879


Source: Central Department of specialized Ports and Marine Environment