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Mameesh: 89 vessel cross the Suez Canal with tonnages 5.4 million ton within two days.

 Vice admiral, Mohab Mameesh, head of Suez Canal authority said that the Canal has witnessed the crossing of 89 vessel of tonnages 5.4 million ton from both directions, this during the past two days from Sunday till Monday.

 Issued official reports of the authority have declared that the canal navigational channel has witnessed the passage of 46vessel with 2million, 500thousand ton container vessels from both directions. Also, that north convoy has witnessed the passage of 26 vessel of tonnage 400 thousand ton, and that biggest tonnage was of liquefied natural gas carrier flying the flag of Marshal Islands  of tonnage 166 thousand ton coming from England directed to Qatar.

  20vessel have crossed from South the “new canal “of tonnage million, 100 thousand ton; and that biggest tonnage was Panamanian  container vessel of tonnage 146 thousand ton coming from KSA and directed to Italy.  

 Navigational reports assured that yesterday, Monday, the navigational channel of the Canal witnessed the crossing of 43 vessel of tonnages 2million, 900thousand ton container vessel from both directions, and that north convoy witnessed the passage of 26 vessel with tonnages million, 600thousand ton, and that biggest tonnage was of Denmark container vessel “METTE MAERSK” coming from Holland and directed to Singapore.  

  17 vessel southwards the “new canal” have crossed with tonnage one million, 300thousand ton. And biggest tonnage was 180 thousand ton coming from Ein ElSukhna Greece petroleum carrier “MARAN   ARTEMIS” and directed to Sidi Kreer.    

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