Current Nawat at Egyptian ports
  • Red Sea Next El-Shabat (El-Baldah) Start 28 January - Duration 13 day ، Cold
  • Mediterranean Sea Next Al Karm Start 28 January - Duration 7 days ، Heavy rain
Petroleum Ports
Petroleum Ports

Ras Sidr

Ras Sidr

Time Zone GMT +2
Wave Code ( VHF 16 )



Long 32 o 42.30 \ E
Lat 29 o 34.60 \ N


Port Data

Port Address Gulf of Suez maritime zone
Port Zone Gulf of Suez shore
Total Area 1.5 x 1.5 Km
Maritime Surface 4 Km2 (1300 x 1300 m)
Port Construction Resolution 22/1981-112/1985
Port Licensing Resolution 503/2002
Duration of the License 1/10/2002–30/9/2012
Administrative Body Petroleum General Authority
Port Activity Oil Shipping and oil services
Port Capacity (vessel) One carrier every 2 months


Port Description & Characteristics

Navigation Aids

A berth has 6 mooring buoys for mooring large vessels of 17 thousand to 30 thousand tons specified for petroleum where there is a pipeline extending between the shore and the anchorage buoys 1.5 away from shore and the maximum draft of 26 feet.

Approach Area

The entry of the port is through. The identification of the identical line using G.p.S or by the following:

  • The minaret at the north of the stone area.
  • 2 wireless masts with Red lights at night.
  • 5 Oil Tankers south the wireless masts & the minaret.
  • A Residential area north the city.


  • The Northern berth & the intermediate scaffold can be used by small services launches wit 1 m draft (only in case of tide).
  • Mooring buoys are used by petroleum carriers on the coast and a pipeline is extending between the shore and the anchorage buoys.
  • The Anchor is port acted from all the environment effects except the south & south west minds.
  • The Anchor is owned by the general company for petrol.


Northern Berth A Concrete berth of 14m, and 75 m height, length inside sea, depth is 1m, at the end of the berth in ebb times. The berth is equipped with mooring bollards, suitable for service boats in flow times.
Middle Berth It is iron scaffold of 2 m, and 75 m height, length inside sea, depth is 80 cm, at the end of the berth in ebb times, berth is equipped with mooring bollards suitable for service boats in flow times.
Southern Berth It is a brick of 50 m, length equipped with concrete braces with mooring bollards and slopes, depth is ranging between 2-2.5m, in ebb times at the emd of the berth. The port extending between to coast and the braces needs to behaved, so berth cannot be used at the present time.


Port Facilities and Services


  • Reception And Waste Treatment Unit.
  • Fire fighting.
  • The port can receive vessels with its capacities during morning only and it can also receive vessels at nights (under order).


Fresh water - Electricity - Sewage


Administration Petroleum General Egyptian Authority.
Address Palestine street-fourth district Maadi - Cairo.
Telephone 02/7065033 - 02/4030975 -02/7065030 - 0123994930 -096/3400290
Fax 02/2608237


Source: Central Department of specialized Ports and Marine Environment